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Colloidal Silver DIY Treatment for Dogs, Cats - Ear Infections, Hot Spots, Pink Eye, Wounds…

In this article - Colloidal Silver:
  • History; 
  • How Colloidal Silver is made;
  • How Colloidal Silver Kills Virus, Fungus and Bacterium;
  • Topical Uses For Colloidal Silver:
    • Abrasions, Cuts and Wounds - disinfect and speed healing;
    • Canine Acne - treating and healing; 
    • Conjunctivitis (Pink-eye) - treating and healing;
    • Ear Infections - treating, reducing inflammation and healing;
    • Hot Spots, Skin Rash - treating and healing;
    • Insect Bites - treating and healing;
    • Periodontal issues - tooth infection, bleeding gums;
  • Ingested Uses for Colloidal Silver;
    • Background information;
    • Daily Dosage;
    • A list of Ailments and Disease Conditions treated using Colloidal Silver;
  • Selecting a Good Quality Colloidal Silver.


Colloidal Silver is a natural and powerful broad spectrum antibiotic agent, it also has excellent antiseptic, antifungal and disinfectant properties. As long ago as 400 B.C. Hippocrates described colloidal silver’s antimicrobial properties. In addition to having antibiotic properties, new studies have demonstrated that silver is one of the most effective substances for fighting antibiotic resistant super-pathogens such as MRSA.
From the late 1800s up until 1938 Colloidal Silver was commonly prescribed to treat a wide spectrum of diseases and infections. With the advent of man-made antibiotics in the late 1930’s, Colloidal Silver lost its popularity. Read here for more information on the history of Colloidal Silver.

The big pharmaceutical companies have done an effective job lobbying the FDA to strike a ruling to discredit the confirmed efficacy of Colloidal Silver as a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. However extensive research performed by Dr. Robert O. Becker proved the healing properties of silver ions contained in silver.  Read here about how the International Space Station and the Russian Space Station utilized Colloidal Silver. 

How Colloidal Silver is Made
  • Pure silver will not dissolve in water;
  • Pure silver will dissolve and float permanently in water if a process is employed that:
    • Divides the silver into single atoms of micro-clusters of less than 15 atoms each;
    • Gives the atoms a positive electrical charge;
    • Attaches the atom to a molecule of simple protein;
  • This process is called colloidal suspension;
  • As the force of the electrical charge is stronger than gravity the silver particles remain suspended;
  • True Colloidal Silver is a colorless liquid (not yellow) becasue the micro-clusters are too small for light from the micro-cluster to reflect back to the human eye.

How Colloidal Silver Kills Virus, Fungus and Bacterium
(one-celled disease causing pathogens)

Colloidal Silver cripples the pathogens oxygen-metabolising enzyme (chemical lung) causing suffocation and death of the pathogen – this process typically occurs within six minutes. Disease organisms can become resistant to conventional antibiotics (triggering super-infections) as pathogens have enough time to mutate allowing the organism to become immune to the antibiotic during the period of time in which the antibiotic takes effect. Because colloidal silver works at a faster pace pathogens do not have the opportunity to mutate so there is no risk of immunity occurring.

How Colloidal Silver Speeds Healing

Robert O. Becker discovered how colloidal silver actually works to speed healing. Colloidal silver creates a condition in which usual cell division (mitosis) in body tissue is altered to create one duplicate cell and one dedifferentiated cell.
The dedifferentiated cell:
  • Is like a blank template that can change into any type of cell in the body;
  • Will naturally migrate to a part of the body where tissue damage exists;
  • Once there the cell transforms to the characteristics of the local tissue type cell where it then supports normal cell repair in the injured area and will also lessen scar tissue formation.
How Colloidal Silver Works to Kill Fungus

Fungus is comprised of a series of single cells which –like a single cell bacterium; has a chemical lung that is permanently disabled by the presence of Colloidal Silver.

How Colloidal Silver Works to Kill Viruses

A single virus cells invades a living cell of body tissue and then takes over the nucleus of the living cell and alters its re-productive mechanism to reproduce the virus rather than producing what it was originally intended to produce – i.e. enzymes, hormones, and other necessary chemicals. The virus is then released into the bloodstream. When the virus attacks the cell, the living cell transforms back to a more primitive cell structure which is vulnerable to the effects of Colloidal Silver.

Topical Uses for Colloidal Silver

For topical treatment you can use either the gel form or liquid form of Colloidal Silver...
    • Will not sting when applied topically to wounds, abrasions etc. as colloidal silver kills topical germs without harming surrounding tissue;
    • Is non-toxic to dogs and cats unless it is ingested in substantial quantities over a long period of time – in which case it could cause liver and/or kidney problems;
    • Does not have any known interactions with drugs or herbs; 
    • Is non-allergenic, it does not react chemically on or within the body and therefore cannot trigger an allergic reaction...

Abrasions, Cuts and Wounds - Disinfect and Speed Healing
  • Apply Colloidal Silver directly to the wound and if you are applying a dressing (wrap or bandage) apply a little Colloidal Silver to the dressing as well;
  • As Colloidal Silver will not react with other medications it can be used with another medication.
Canine Acne - Treating and Healing
  • Use a small piece of a cotton ball, massage a small amount of Colloidal Silver in to the problem areas two to three times a day.
Conjunctivitis (Pink-eye) - Treating and Healing
  • Drop 2 to 3 drops of Colloidial silver water into the eye 2 to 3 times a day;
  • You can also use Colloidial silver gel – line the underside of the eye with a thin strip of the gel 2 to 3 times a day.
Ear Infections - Treating, Reducing Inflammation, Healing
  • For ear infections place 3 to 5 drops of Colloidial Silver water into the ear canal 2 to 3 times a day;
    • Gently rub/massage the ear in a circular motion, then remove your hand and let your dog/cat shake its head;
    • You can use a cotton ball to gently wipe any excess liquid off the inside of the ear flap;
    • If you need to use a cotton swab to clean more precisely - never put the cotton swab past the portions of the ear that you can readily not put the swab into the ear canal - you can very easily damage the ear drum either temporarily or permanently!
    • Do not use any of these treatments if your animal's ear drums are perforated/punctured;
  • Swab the inner-ear flap with Colloidial Silver water or gel once or twice a day;
  • For more information on ear infections:
    • Causes;
    • Treatments;
    • You can read this article.
Hot Spots, Skin Rash - Treating and Healing
  • Use a cotton ball to apply (dab) Colloidal Silver directly onto the affected area – rub gently. Repeat several times daily.
Insect Bites - Treating and Healing
  • Use a cotton ball to apply (dab) Colloidal Silver directly onto the affected area – rub gently...
  • To sooth bites and sting sites;
  • To disinfect after  removal of, i.e.:
    • Blow fly larvae;
    • Ticks;
    • Rash from flea bites; 
    • Etc.
Periodontal Issues, Infected Tooth, Bleeding Gums - treating, healing
  • Topical Treatment
    • Use a cotton ball to apply (dab) Colloidal Silver directly onto the affected area – rub very gently;
    • Repeat several times daily;
  • Ingested Treatment:
    • If the infection/inflammation is severe you may also want to administer an ingested treatment of Colloidal Silver;
    • See dosage provided under 'Ingested Uses For Colloidal Silver' below.

Ingested Uses for Colloidal Silver
For ingested treatments use the liquid form of Colloidal Silver... 
    • Colloidal Silver takes five (5) to seven (7) days - on average, for the initial benefits of ingesting Colloidal Silver to start taking effect;
    • By the tenth (10th) day - on average, Colloidal Silver builds up in the body tissues to at least a concentration of five (5) parts per million (ppm); 
      • Body tissue that contains 5 ppm of Colloidal Silver will be free of virus, fungus and bacterium;
    • Some dogs and people :>) may show some signs of achiness or sluggishness on the 3rd of 4th day into ingested treatment as the Colloidal Silver works to eliminate a significant amount of toxins from the body;
      • This occurs when there are many toxins present in the body and the eliminatory organs (i.e. bladder, kidney, liver) become overloaded trying to pass the toxic matter;
      • To avoid this make sure you encourage your dog to drink more fluids during treatment;
      • One to three weeks after ceasing the treatment, the efficacy of the Colloidal Silver build-up has dissipated as the silver leaves the body via the kidneys, lymphatic system and bowels;
    • The daily intake (dosage) is provided below;
      • For treating an active infection or ailment, treatment is 2 to 3 times daily for 10 consecutive days, after which point the course of treatment is complete.
Caution Regarding Ingested Treatments

If your dog suffers from renal issues placing additional burdens on your dog's kidney's, liver, and badder is not a good idea - so consult with your veterinarian before you use colloidal silver.

Daily Dosage for Ingested Treatment using Colloidal Silver for treating an active infection or Ailment
  • Small Dogs, Cats:
    •  2 lbs to 10 lbs - 1/16, tsp two to three times a day for 10 days;
    • 11 lbs to 25 lbs - 1/8, tsp two to three times a day for 10 days;
  • Medium Size Dogs:
    • 26 lbs to 40 lbs - 1/4, tsp two to three times a day for up to 10 days;
    • 41lbs to 55 lbs - 1/2, tsp
  • Large Size Dogs:
    • 56 lbs to 80 lbs - 3/4 tsp, two to three times a day for up to 10 days;
    • 81 lbs to 100 lbs - 1 tsp, two to three times a day for up to 10 days;
    • 101 lbs to 150 lbs - 1.1/4 tsp, two to three times a day for up to 10 days;
    • 151 lbs to 200+ - 1.5 tsp, two to three times a day for up to 10 days.

A List of Ailments, Disease Conditions (human & non-human animals) Successfully Treated by use of Colloidal Silver

Acne, Allergies, Angina,Anthrax, Appendicitis (Suppurtive post-operative), Arthritis, Athletes Foot, Axillae and Blind Boils of the Neck, Bladder Irritation or Inflamation, Blepharitis, Blood Poisoning, Boils, Burns or Wounds (Corneal), Cancer, Candida Albicans, Catarrh (Nasal & Nasopharyngeal), Catarrh (Spring), Cholera, Colds, Colitis, Conjunctivities (Gonorrheal), Conjunctivitis (Phlyctenular), Cough (Shooping), Cystitis (Chronic), Dacrocystitis, Dermatitis (due to Extreme Toxemia), Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diphtheria, Dysentery (Bacillary), Ear Infections (Inner Ear), Eczema (Chronic Anterior or Meatus of the Ear), Eczema (Perineal), Eczema (Pustular of Scal0p), Edematous Enlargement of Turbinates (w/o True Hyperplasia), Epididymitis, Erysipelas, Eustach Tubes, Fatigue (Chronic), Fibrositis, Furunculosis, Gastritis, Gonorrhea, Halitoses (Bad Breath), Hayfever, Hemorrhoids, Herpes or Shingles, Impetigo, Indigestion, Infantile Disease, Inflammation, Infections (Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic or Viral), Pleurisy, Polyps (Nasal), Prostate (Enlarged or Inflamed), Prostatic Gleet (Gonorrhea Pruritis Ani, Psoriasis, Pyorrhea Alveolaris (Riggs Disease), Quinsy, Rheumatism (Inflammatory), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rhinitis, Ringworm, Scarlatina, Scarlet Fever Seborrhea, Sepsis (Ears, Eyes, Mouth and Throat), Septicemia (Puerperal), Sinusitis, Skin Rash (Diapers), Sores (Soft, Sprue, Staph or Strep Throat, Stomach Flu, Thyroid Disorders, Tonsillitis, Tonsillitis (Follicular & Septic), Tooth Decay, Toxemia (Extreme Systemic), Trachoma, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, Ulcers (Corneal Infected), Ulcers (Septic in Legs), Ulcers (Stomach, Urticar (Ulcerative, due to Extreme Toxemia), Valsavas Inflammation, Vorticella, Warts, Yeast Infections.
Selecting a Good Quality Colloidal Silver
  • Colloidal Silver can be purchased in a liquid or gel form - choose according to how you intend to use it:
    • If you want to use it strictly as a topical treatment you can use the gel of liquid form;
    • If you want to use it as an ingested treatment use the liquid form.
  • Make sure you purchase your Colloidal Silver from a reputable source;
  • Colloidal Silver keeps best in glass, so look to purchase Colloidal Silver that is sold in a glass jar rather than in a plastic bottle;
    • When packaged in plastic Colloidal Silver has a much shorter shelf-life;
  • Don’t store Colloidal Silver in the refrigerator or freezer as the electric charge of the appliance can reduce the efficacy of Colloidal Silver just as storing it in plastic may do;
  • The best quality Colloidal Silver does not contain any stabilizers or other additives, and should not list any trace elements other than silver on the product label. It should not need to be shaken before use and should not need to be refrigerated;
  • You can use Colloidal Silver water and/or gel;
And despite what you may have hear or read in the past...

Colloidal Silver should NOT be yellow in colour. As noted further above true Colloidal Silver is a colorless liquid (not yellow) because the micro-clusters are too small for light from the micro-cluster to reflect back to the human eye...

Many manufacturers unwittingly create their product under the false pretense that Colloidal Silver should be yellow in colour. To create the colour they will add food colouring (artificial food colouring is a toxin and carcinogen) or other colouring agents. 

The colour of Colloidal Silver will be yellow under the following undesirable conditions:
  • The silver used is;
    • A silver sulphide type of silver that is primarily used in making ceramics - this is not a desirable quality of silver for use in Colloidal Silver;
    • Silver Oxide which is brownish-black in colour and is also not a desirable quality of silver to use;
  • The particles of silver are to big in size - which will make the product much less effective;
  • If the silver losses its colloidal state (suspension) and precipitates out of the solution (will have a black tinge) the product will lose its efficacy and should be disposed of - contrary to what some people advise, shaking the solution will not bring the particles back to a colloidal state;
  • If food colouring or other colouring agents have been used.
  • Do not purchase or use products that have any of these attributes as they are inferior in quality!

Where to Purchase Colloidal Silver
  • Health and Natural Food Stores;
  • Herbal and Homeopathic Stores;
  • Organic Health Stores;
  • Pharmacies. 

Holistic Support

If you require additional support and guidance I would be pleased to assist you via my Holistic Diet, Nutrition Wellness Services:
  • Unbiased Diet, Nutrition, Product Advice is available via this service
  • Diet, Nutrition Wellness Plans are available via this service


  1. I read about this earlier on another dog blog and I am really impressed with it.

  2. On what website would you recommend buying it on?

    1. Hi Rosetta - I would recommend that you thoroughly scrutinize any site that you purchase it from to make sure that they are good quality suppliers. You know you can purchase it any many natural health stores. Las Vegas must have some good stores of this nature. See what is available in store and then if you prefer to purchase on-line (while you are in the store note the name of the better product) and you should be able to order it on-line. Woof and cheers, K

  3. Do you have a specific brand that you recommend? I didnt notice you going into specifics but it would be very helpful.

    1. I don't recommend a specific brand as they are many that are good along with those that are not :>)

      I provide very specific selection criteria in the article above 'Selecting a Good Quality Colloidal Silver'

      Cheers, K

  4. I have 500ppm colloidal silver. Is that safe to use with the dosage you suggested?
    Also, my dog has a liver shunt, would colloidal silver be too harsh on his system?
    Thanks for the information!

    1. Hi Elle, the silver you have is ok but I would not use it if your dog has a liver shunt. If you let me know why you wanted to use colloidal silver I may be able to offer you an alternative.

      FYI - Dogs with liver shunts to best on homemade diets as opposed to commercial processed dry dog foods. If you are feeding him dry processed food (dog kibble) you may want to consider getting him on homemade instead- you can check the index page of my blog for articles on nutrition.

      Cheers, K

  5. My dog gets hot spots on her paws from licking and itching, due to season allergies (we live in Arizona). Benadryl just seems to make her drowsy and don't really help the situation. Will the Colloidal Silver be a good immune booster?

    1. Topical Treatment:
      For the hot spots on her paws you can give her foot soaks in cooled chamomile tea. You can read about that here

      You could also apply a salve of calendula after her foot soak or apply some Colloidal Silver.

      Get some magnesium oil or gel and you can rub it on her tummy (not on her paws) twice a day.

      Ingested Treatment
      I would suggest that you add the following to her daily diet:

      Coconut oil

      Local (within a 50 mile radius of where you live) raw unpasturized honey - read about that here

      Supplement her diet with good source omega 3- fatty acids - use Norwegian cod Liver Oil or Krill oil, or wild Alaskan Salmon oil

      Add rooibos tea to her food

      Add yogurt or kefir to her food

      Add garlic to her daily diet

      And add some real cooked meat to her food daily - chicken, fatty fish, red meat.

      You can also add frozen thawed or fresh - chopped cherries to her food - 1/8 to 1/4 cup depending on her size.

      Add organic apple cider vinegar to her food once a day

      Cheers, Karen

  6. I am not vaccinating our new Great Dane puppy, nor will I subject him to the chemical dewormers. As an herbalist, I plan to strengthen his immune system naturally but would like to give an extra boost during these delicate times where parvo and worms are an issue...
    In your opinion, is it safe to give colloidal silver one a day as a preventative?
    LOVE your site. I am learning so much about herbal medicine for pets, thank you!

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Lucky you, Great Danes are beautiful dogs!

      For comprehensive information and options on natural, dietary, herbal dewormers which are also immune system boosters go to this article

      To boost his overall immune system the best foods to feed him are...
      - a truly well balanced home made cooked and fresh food diet, or
      - a raw food diet;
      - the less desirable option is a dry food that you supplement with fresh foods.

      If you want to feed puppy an immune system boosting homemade food recipe which includes herbs and is appropriate dogs of all ages you can use this recipe

      If you prefer going to a dry food diet then I would encourage you to go grain free - Orijen's makes good products as far as dry kibble goes. Dry food should be hydrated to aid digestion - you can use this recipe

      Regardless of which choice you make supplement with... Norwegian or deep sea kelp (dosage in this article, Norwegian cod liver oil or krill oil (dosage in this article, fresh foods and diary

      Don't use colloidal silver on puppy. If you want to you can add some Grapefruit Seed extract to his food bowl, benefits and dosage are in the dewormer article.

      If you follow the above advice you will have a very healthy puppy.

      Cheers, Karen

  7. I see different ppm offerings. What is the best colloidal silver ppm for a dog w/ dermatitis?

    1. Thank you Karen! I am really enjoying your site and I've been reading all sorts of wonderful information! My dogs (a shepherd, a Sheltie and a bully mix) are thoroughly enjoying your grain free food recipe. (The shepherd chewing the stick on your header is a spitting image of my Shepherd, Bear. ) Thanks for your response!!! I can't wait get some colloidal silver and get some relief for my Bear Dog. The vet was recommending steroids and antibiotics, but, I didn't want to proceed that direction without seeking a holistic remedy first. Sincerely, Meg

    2. Meg, did you used to give Bear and of these ? They are a common and serious trigger of dermatitis.

      Other triggers of allergic contact dermatitis: chemicals in soap (i.e. detergent you may have used to wash his bed, blankets, towels, or his food bowl) flea collars, shampoos, wool and synthetic fibers, plastic and rubber dishes, grasses and pollens, insecticides (environment and prescription vet meds!), petrolatum, paint, carpet dyes, and rubber and wood preservatives. Chemicals used to clean carpet or hard floor surfaces. Neomycin, found in many topical medications, can produce allergic contact dermatitis, as can other drugs and medications.Plastic and rubber food dish dermatitis affects the nose and lips.

      This is whay I don’t use chemical based household cleaners, I don’t use vet or off the shelf chemical based insect/parasite preventatives, plastic food bowels etc. Vinager and lemon are amazing cleaners and see my series of articles on natural inseact and parasite prevention, etc.) You REALLY have to limit Bear’sexposure to chemicals. See my articles on Natural shampoos and dental care too.

      I am going to suggest a few more things to give to Bear to fight the dermatitis. These items will help Bear's body fight the dermatitis...

      Ingested Treatments

      Get some organic unpasturized (raw) honey and add it on top of his food at meal time dosage is ¼ tsp for every 20 pounds of body weight (your other doggie can have it too).

      If you are not currently supplementing Bear's diet with Omega-3 you need to do so Wild Alaskan Salmon, Norwegian (or Arctic) Krill Oil (your other dog can and should have this too)
      • X-Small Dogs and Cats 1 -14 lbs – 250mg
      • Small Dogs and Cats 15-29 lbs – 500mg
      • Medium Dogs 30-49 lbs – 1000mg
      • Large Dogs 50 -79 lbs – 1500mg
      • X-Large Dogs 80 lbs and up – 2000mg

      Coconut Oil (again for Bear and your other dog will benefit as well)

      • The best kelp is that which is most contaminant and toxin free:
       Deep sea kelp;
       Norwegian kelp.
      • Maximum Daily Dosage:
       Small size dogs and cats - ¼ tsp
       Medium size dogs - ½ tsp
       Large size dogs – 1 tsp

      Kefir or yogurt for probiotics


      Organic apple cider vinegar

      Topical Treatment
      In addition to colloidal silver:

      Golden seal

      Coconut oil

      DON’T listen to your veterinarian regarding putting Bear on steroids – read why here

      Natural Alternatives to Prednisone

    3. p.s. drug allergies also often evidence as allergic dermatitis - so another very good reason to stay away from antibiotics and steroids for those reasons as well :>)

    4. Karen: Thanks again for such wonderful information! He was taking Trifexis, but, I hadn't given it to him in a few months. I make my own laundry detergent and cleaners (usually vinegar and a citrus 'tea' made from lemons, vinegar & water). I did clean my carpets within the past 6 months, using some commercial steam cleaning solution, so that may have contributed. He and the other two dogs have been eating your recipe for grain free homemade food (I follow it to a T) for the past week; so, it's not been very long, but he has been getting Cod Liver Oil (Norwegian, I think), Coconut Oil, ground flax seed, garlic and organic raw mother ACV. I will definitely incorporate the golden seal with the colloidal silver. Thanks Again! Your site and blogs are a Godsend for those of us who seek healthy & natural remedies and information for our pets! Meg

    5. Me again - Should I be using a tincture topically of Golden Seal or should Bear be getting capsules? He's about 55 pounds. Thank you so so much!!!


    6. Hi Meg -

      For Bear's skin condition golden seal would be a topical treatment not an ingested treatment. It would just be to help sooth the skin in between applications of colloidal silver. You can use coconut oil as well, instead of the golden seal. You can buy golden seal in a cream or salve form or you can use the cooled tea bags or tea applied to a cotton ball.

  8. Hi Karen! Thanks again for the information. I will report back and let you know how he's faring. I sure do appreciate all your time and the information you've provided me today!


  9. Since learning from you about colloidal silver, I have been researching it on the internet. I'm a bit confused about colloidal silver due to the contradicting information on the internet. Which is better, silver hydrosol or ionic silver? What is the difference? I was looking at the Silver Sovereign site, and The Silver Edge site, Colloidal silver can be used for so many things. Is it safe to make your own colloidal silver? Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      I do not recommend that you make your own colloidal silver - it will not have the efficacy of a well engineered product and could even be dangerous.

      Just go with a good quality ionic silver product.

      Cheers, Karen

  10. My poor pup has an infection of some sort in her neck. Right now it is swollen to the size of a plum. 1 1/2 years ago it was grapefruit size and cleared up with Cipro antibiotics. 3 weeks ago it came back...never getting that large again though. She just finished a round of Cipro again on Monday which it had responded to. But now it is swelling again and filling up with infection. She was given Clindamycin today for a 2 week round. Next stop is exploratory surgery if it does not heal up. I would like to try the silver on her. I have Sovereign Silver 10 ppm. Would that be appropriate?

    1. First off I would suggest that prior to considering any exploratory surgery you conduct a thorough examination triggers in her environment. Most allopathic veterinarians make the very big mistake of jumping to drugs and invasive measures prior to examining ingested and environmental causes. I think it highly likely that the source of the flame-ups is something in her environment. Take a very close look at the following questions - answer the questions as there is likely to be an ingested or environmental trigger...
      1. Did you recently get her vaccinated?
      2. Is she on chemical-based insect and parasite preventatives?
      3. Did you start using a new chemical-based household cleaner?
      4. Have you been renovating, painting etc. in the house;
      5. Did you apply fertilizer or pesticides - or did a neighbor do so?
      6. Her daily diet and health care products should be looked at toxic and carcinogenic elements - which should then be removed form her diet - if you need help with this I can assist you.

      I would also be putting her on food items that boost her immune system.

      While she is on antibiotics her immune system is actually being suppressed - during the course of antibiotics foods should be added to the diet which compensate for the adverse effect of antibiotics.

      Cheers, Karen

      Colloidal Silver - it is not a good idea to use conventional antibiotics at the same time as Colloidal Silver.

  11. My Miniature Schnauzer is currently suffering a MRSA infection of his jaw and face (cellulitis) for the past four weeks. This week we started a trial of three antibiotics simultaneously. I've experienced good success in fighting MRSA infections in myself with colloidal silver. I would like to try it on my Scrappy in the dosage you have recommended. However, I am afraid to discontinue the antibiotics as they do seem to be starting to help. He has a tiny open area on his face at the abscess site where it has been previously lanced twice. Would it be cool to apply colloidal silver directly to this open wound as well as giving him the recommended dosage internally? This is an 11 year old dog with no renal issues but he does have a slightly enlarged heart. Thanks for any advice!

    1. More antibiotics will only increase his MRSA - if not now then in the very near future. Do to his heart and renal issues I do not recommend Colloidal Silver for him, and even if he did not have those conditions I would recommend another approach.

      Ingested and topical treatment - natural honey ( also called raw or unpasturized). Purchase a dark honey not a white or light yellow honey. Example of dark honey - Buckwheat honey, Manuka Honey. Apply the honey directly to the abscess site 2 to 3 times a day every day. And start giving him honey to eat twice a day - standard dosage is ¼ tsp for every 20 pounds of body weight. Increase the dosage by about 1/3 and split it between two feeding per day.

  12. Thanks so much for your response! I definitely believe in the healing of honey and will start that immediately. I'd forgotten about it, honestly! You may have misunderstood - he does NOT have any renal issues, just the slightly enlarged heart. So in view of that, do you think tiny doses (maybe half the recommended?) would be ok for a few days? They are telling me if he is not better after this round of antibiotics they want to do a major surgical procedure to go in and clean out all the infection areas. I do not want to put him through this. Thank you SO much for your help! -Sheila

    1. I would be pleased to assist you further you can purchase consultation time with me should you wish to do so.

  13. Hello Karen, I'm not sure if you will get this in time to respond but I will ask either way. I have a 12 year old Shitzu, I believe not spayed yet in the 11.5 years I've had her, she's never been in heat. She developed oozing from her vulva about 4 weeks ago. As a nurse's aide and someone who isn't a supporter of traditional medicine, I have been, with some success, treating her externally. Initially doing a peroxide wash on her vulva and polysporin. That managed to abate the oozing for 2 or 3 days but returned. I then did a couple of days of Epsom salt sit baths with 15 minute poultices and a triple strength polysporin applied to her vulva. This stopped the oozing for 6 days. During the time the oozing was stopped, she ate although only chicken(not a picky eater normally) and throughout this entire process, she had drank normally. Other times I have had to feed her pureed food through a syringe. There has been no vomiting, normal bowel movements, but she has lost significant weight. Finally gave in and took her to a vet Wednesday night. His diagnosis is Pyometra, even though he was unable to detect any swelling in her uterous area and some of the symptoms she is not experiencing. He has given me a prescription of 125mg Noroclav x 2 a day. I am aware of what this diagnosis treatment advice is and at this point, both her physical condition and my financial situation, the typical treatment is not an option. My question, I have access to Colloidal Silver, would this be an effective and viable treatment for her?

    I hope you are able to respond quickly as she is deteriorating in front of me but has a big heart and is really trying to hang in.

    Thank you so much and thank you for all you do in promoting naturalpathic remedies for our critters.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Lynn and Chelsea

    1. Hi Lynn - read the first two lines of your comment in my review que on my cell phone and that was all I needed to know it was Pyometra. Do not give her Colloidal silver - to hard on her already taxed renal system. Unfortunately all of the drugs you have her on are making her body worse as they are destroying the good bacteria along with the bad and suppressing her immune system - the exact opposite of what is required to heal her - the drugs are killing her.

      Immediate emergency steps right now - do all three right away...

      1) Make some chicken broth ASAP (will take you no more than an hour to make) - use my recipe, bone broth would be better so make the chicken broth and then take enough to get some into her and continue on to make the bone broth

      2) Start giving her natural raw unpasturized honey right now - but you must read my article to understand

      3) Bring her vitamin C level up - if you have cranberry juice in the house get some into her - but has to be no sugar added - real juice. Take a lemon and squeeze some of the fresh juice into the cranberry can also add some natural honey to it.

      Syringe feed her the above if she will not take it on her own. She needs this in repeated dosages every hour right now.

      There is more you need to do but you have to start with. I would appreciate it if you paid for my time putting this together for you as I do not normally get into this depth without first being paid for a consultation. Please click on the '10 minute' PayPal consultation button to pay me for my time. I am busy and have taken time out to address this emergency.

      You will need to do more - for that you can decide if you want to do a consultation with me.

    2. Thank you Karen for getting back to me so quickly. I was, as your response came in, about to give Chels, by syringe, another dose of the antibiotic softened in warm water. I am as we are speaking making your broth albeit I only had chicken breast. I will have to go to our local grocery store to see if they carry the unpasturized honey. I will pick up the cranberry juice and the lemon. I do not have pay pal, is there another method of payment other then pay pal or credit card, that we can arrange?



    3. Please use my email address to correspond -

      Other method of payment - Email Money Transfer. Use my email address

      If you are in the U.S.A. Trader Joes will have natural (raw unpasturized) honey. You can also go to your local pharmacy and purchase Medi-honey.

      Also try to get some kefir or yogurt into her (plain, all natural)

  14. Ok Karen, sent.

    Lynn and Chelsea

  15. Hello Karen,

    I was very happy to come across your website while researching ways to get rid of dog warts. My dog has a large (plum sized) wet/bloody wart on the back of her neck. She has had it for about 9 months now. I did not want to have it surgically removed (she is 14 and had 2 seizures last year therefore the vet did not originally recommend surgery either). But because it has grown so large our vet is now recommending having it cut off using a local anesthetic. So as a last resort I have just purchased some colloidal silver after reading it has good effects with viruses. I have also tried garlic poultices, vitamin e, castor oil (each individually and for several weeks). She also takes a herbal immune system supplement. Mostly the wart does not seem to bother her but it is difficult to keep clean and dry (it seeps). It is not infected (I take her regularly to have it checked), the vet says the blood loss (mostly small) and risk of infection is not great for her health, but possibly less bad than removal. Otherwise she is in good health, active and happy. Do you have any experience with this type of wart? If you do I will progress to your 10 minute consultation. thanks.

    1. Hello Kendra - yes I have dealt with such warts before. Cheers, K

  16. PRONOMINAL INFO!!! Thanks so much for this, I am so gland I found this site!! I just bought my first bottle of colloidal silver for my cat that we found who has a serious infection in the tissue around the eye and a huge abscess on his gums. We did a round of antibiotic (which I was not thrilled about), with little improvement. Quite a few people have suggested colloidal silver, so here we go. I was really looking for an idea on how much to give him for how long and feel blessed to have found this amazing site!! And along the way, I found out I could use it to help my dog who is miserable right now with hot spots and allergies!!!

  17. Hey there Karen! Will this be god to remove plaque and tartar?
    I got Sovereign silver brand 10PPM spray of colloidal silver yesterday and sprayed it in his mouth and also on his PetZlife oral gel and rubbed it on the gums. It's not much just on the back teeth that I can't get off. Thank You

  18. 2nd ingredient in PetZlife is grain alcohol 1) alcohol is a completely inappropriate ingredient but is used by SOME pet companies as it is an inexpensive carrier. 2) the alcohol being used is distilled from non-organic grains and therefore is high in herbicides. Not recommended for any dog, let alone one with a health issue. PetZlife uses grade B essential oils - grade B contains herbicide, pesticide residue and other toxins. The Soverign silver is good.

  19. Oh no!! I used almost the whole bottle on him. These companies are such liars when they say it's natural and has no bad side effect. They fail to mention herbicides and pesticides!! :( I am throwing that away immediately!

    Ok so good thing I got the spray of soverign silver, I can just do 2 sprays on each side every night? Or mix it in some coconut oil and rub it on his teeth at nights?
    Thanks you Karen for letting me know, I really appreciate it!

  20. what is the best strength colloidal silver for cancer on a cat's nose skin cancer (presume gel best) please? I live in the uk. thank you

  21. Karen, thank you for the great website with a lot of valuable information. I have a 10lb dog. she is 6 years old. She is on raw organic diet and has been on it for most of her life. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with dermatitis. Now that I think about it, she got a grey spot on her left shoulder a few month after her vaccinations (booster, heart warm). gray spots since then appeared in her ears and spread to the sides of her body. She was scratching a lot. It has been going on for awhile. The vet gave us shampoo containing sulfur. The shampoo packaging doesn't list any other ingredients and it makes me uncomfortable because I don't like using unknown stuff not on her and not on any other member of my family. Using it did relieve itch for 4 days days or so, but the grey spots wouldn't go away. I used for a months or so. 3 weeks ago I started using pine tar shampoo made by yours truly after reading that it was safe for dogs. It contains 20% of pine tar. We've been using it on a weekly basis. We find that not only it relieves the itch, but her greys sports are slowly fading away. Last week, I also started giving her herbal tea made out of burdock root, nettle, dandelion root and leaves. All the ingredientss are organic. I started with a teaspoon twice daily and now increased it to a tablespoon trice daily.

    As for ears, I clean them with organic apple cider vinegar diluted in water. She still scratches them a lot and the greay spots aren't going away.

    I would like to get your advice on the following:

    1) Is there anything else I can add to the apple cider ear wash to treat the ear dermatitis?
    2) If we were to stop vaccinating her for heart warm, can you recommend a holistic/homeopathic preventative measures instead? I would rather use the latter.
    3) What would you recommend to replace the booster shot with?
    4) Do you think that the amount of the herbal tea I am giving is sufficient?


  22. This is an older post, so not sure if you are still posting replies. I have a 15 yo herding dog mix. She has vaginitis that (almost a year now) 2 rounds of antibiotics did nothing for. There was about a 3-4 mo period between each round. Thru Ultrasound and digital exam nothing found, vet said next is Vagiscopy. That is about $2800. All it will do is determine if there is a tumor or not. at 15 we would not treat a tumor. Her last round of blood work shows kidneys are good. I am uncertain about liver. The issue has been narrowed down to either tumor or bacterial or viral infection. Vet visits and exams are way too stressful for her, and we have opted not to take her for more testing or any visits unless emergency. Would like to do any home remedies we can. Would you recommend or not the use of colloidal silver for treatment on a dog this old? FYI: She is not on ANY pharma meds. Thank you!

    1. Heather - highly unlikely to be a tumor. Antibiotics will not remedy the condition, will actually make it worse, and increase her resistance to antibiotics. Should you decide you would like to address her condition properly a truly holistic approach is required and for that I recommend this


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